Published Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 12:01 am / Updated at 12:01 am
GI swimmers sweep Fremont

After the Grand Island Senior High swim teams swept to team titles at the Gene Cotter Invite at Lincoln High this past weekend, they came back and took care of business at the home pool.

The Islanders won 23 of the 24 events as both teams easily grabbed victories Thursday at the Grand Island YMCA.

The boys won every event and went 1-2-3 in three events in defeating the Tigers 126-37, while the girls went 10 of 11 and finished 1-2-3 in two events to win 114-49.

GISH coach Brian Jensen said he liked what he saw from both teams.

"We had a good day today," he said. "There wasn’t any let ups and I had a feeling there wouldn’t be. They swam about as well as they needed to."

On the boys side, Lucas Van Wie and Matt Novinski were part of four victories for the Islanders, while Mason Kawata, Nathan Boon and Eric Lewandowski were part of three.

Individually, Van Wie won the 100-yard freestyle (57.26 seconds) and 100 breaststroke (1:13.55), while Novinski took the 200 freestyle (2:09.67) and the 50 freestyle (26.82). Kawata claimed the 100 butterfly (1:17.56) and 200 individual medley (2:48.29) and Boon took the 100 backstroke (1:19.02). Eric Lewandowski was also victorious as he took the 400 freestyle (4:52.79).

Van Wie, Novinski and Lewandowski joined Kyle Whitely in taking the 200 medley relay (2:35.97), and teamed with Boon in winning the 200 freestyle relay (1:51.81). Kawata and Boon joined Michael McGowan and Jacob Enck in claiming the 400 freestyle relay (4:47.35).

"I thought the boys had a great meet," Jensen said. "I was especially pleased with Mason’s effort as this was the first time he’s won two events in a meet so that was good to see."

On the girls side, twin sisters Amy and Carly Wahlmeier and Cassie Watts all won four events, while Sarah Koubek took three.

Individually, Amy Wahlmeier won the 400 freestyle (5:32.92) and the 100 backstroke (1:19.67), while Carly Wahlmeier claimed the 100 freestyle (1:05.50) and 100 breaststroke (1:23.51) and Watts was victorious in the 200 individual medley (2:49.29) and 100 butterfly (1:19.33). Koubek took the 50 freestyle (30.64) and Sienna Kunze won the 200 freestyle (2:30.31).

The Wahlmeiers, Watts and Koubek teamed together on the winning 200 medley relay (2:17.68) and 400 freestyle relay (4:41.29).

Jensen said he was pleased with how the girls swam, especially Amy Wahlmeier, who he thought had to swim well to get the times she did.

"She probably had the toughest events of anybody today and had to fight for those," Jensen said. "She was determined not to lose those events and that was good to see."

Jensen said he moved some swimmers to see how they would do in other events and thought they did well.

"It gives them a chance to focus on other things than what they would normally do," Jensen said. "These events will probably be the only time they will swim in them. The kids still need to work on some things but for the most part, they are doing well and hopefully can continue to do so."

The Islanders are off a week before taking on Lincoln East at 4:30 p.m. Thursday in Lincoln.

GISH-Fremont dual
At Grand Island
Grand Island Senior High 126, Fremont 37
Grand Island Results
200-meter medley relay—1, Grand Island ‘A’ (Van Wie, M. Novinski, Lewandowski, Whitely), 2:06.22; 3, Grand Island ‘B’ (Chuariyakul, Brate, Buller, McGowan), 2:35.97.
200 freestyle—1, M. Novinski, 2:09.67; 2, Brate, 2:49.70; 3, McGowan, 2:54.15.
200 IM—1, Kawata, 2:48.29; 2, Enck, 2:58.10.
50 freestyle—1, M. Novinski, 26.82; 2, Whitely, 30.02; 4, Lee, 31.83.
100 butterfly—1, Kawata, 1:17.56; 2, Chuariyakul, 1:46.88.
100 freestyle—1, Van Wie, 57.26; 2, Boon, 1:07.06; 3, Lee, 1:12.61.
400 freestyle—1, Lewandowski, 4:52.79; 2, Whitely, 5:14.98; 5, McGowan, 6:21.11.
200 freestyle relay—1, Grand Island ‘A’ (Lewandowski, M. Novinski, Boon, Van Wie), 1:51.81; 2, Grand Island ‘B’ (Kawata, Lee, Boon, Enck), 2:02.21.
100 backstroke—1, Boon, 1:19.02; 2, Enck, 1:24.00; 5, Chuariyakul, 1:37.57.
100 breaststroke—1, Van Wie, 1:13.55; 2, Lewandowski, 1;25.96; 4, Buller, 1:38.85.
400 freestyle relay—1, Grand Island ‘A’ (Kawata, Enck, McGowan, Boon) 4:47.35; 2, Grand Island ‘B’ (Chuariyakul, Buller, Lee, Brate), 5:29.52.

Grand Island Senior High 114, Fremont 49
Grand Island Results
200-meter medley relay—1, Grand Island ‘A’ (Watts, Koubek, C. Wahlmeier, A. Wahlmeier), 2:17.68; 3, Grand Island ‘B’ (Peers, Atkins, Brenna, Setlik), 2:38.34.
200 freestyle—1, Kunze, 2:24.11; 3, Setlik, 2:47.04.
200 IM—1, Watts, 2:49.29; 3, Atkins, 3:14.25; 4, Moeller, 4:14.97.
50 freestyle—1, Koubek, 30.64; 2, Fisher, 31.41; 3, Kunze, 31.42.
100 butterfly—1, Watts, 1:19.33; 2, Peers, 1:24.50.
100 freestyle—1, C. Wahlmeier, 1:05.50; 2, Brennan, 1:12.43; 3, Fisher, 1:15.95.
400 freestyle—1, A. Wahlmeier, 5:32.92; 5, Brown, 5:51.40; 6, Harders, 6:23.26.
200 freestyle relay—2, Grand Island ‘A’ (Fisher, Kunze, Setlik, Peers), 2:09.11; 3, Grand Island ‘B’ (Me. Moeller, Harders, Mo. Moeller, Atkins), 2:22.45.
100 backstroke—1, A. Wahlmeier, 1:19.67; 2, Koubek, 1:20.90; 4, Brennan, 1:23.92.
100 breaststroke—1, C. Wahlmeier, 1:23.51; 3, Peers, 1:37.27; 4, Atkins, 1:38.76.
400 freestyle relay—1, Grand Island ‘A’ (Watts, Koubek, A. Wahlmeier, C. Wahlmeier) 4:41.29.

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